Therapy is different from other relationships in that it allows you the space to explore yourself and your needs and  the impact of perceptions and experiences. With the safety of the therapeutic relationship, we can begin to make sense of our reality and start to heal from the discomfort and brought from historic and recent experiences.


Through the therapeutic process patterns will begin to emerge . By recognising patterns of behaviour and developing an understanding of their function, we can begin to make long lasting changes that impact on all areas of life.  My aim is to support you in developing that awareness and resilience, manifesting long term change. 


Using a combination of theories(namely Gestalt, Psychodynamic and Person Centred), I work relationally both long and short term with clients to suit their needs. This approach allows me to remain congruent and have unconditional positive regard for you as a client, regardless of what comes up in our sessions.


Sessions are 50minutes long at the same time on the same day each week. There may be some flexibility around this if you are unable to attend a regular slot. 

Working with Abby, I feel safe enough to deal with the pain and hurt I have been blocking out for years. I have been able to see changes in different areas of my life and do things I didn't think I would have the confidence to do. 

A range of issues can we worked on in both short term and long term therapy:


Affairs & Betrayals

Anger Management 


Attachments & Insecurities

Atypical Sexual Interests and Desires

Couples Issues


Difficulties with Emotional Regulation

Family Issues

Fear of Rejection

General Unhappiness

Gender Dysphoria

Intimacy Issues


Jealousy & Envy

Low Confidence

Low Self Esteem

Race/Cultural Differences within a relationship


Separation & Abandonment

Sexual Dysfunction 


Shame & Embarrassment

Sibling Rivalry

Suicidal Thoughts

Surviving Traumatic Experiences

Unresolved Childhood Experiences

Unfulfilled Need & Attention Seeking


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