Psychosexual Therapy 


Whether in a relationship or single, the way in which we view and define sex and intimacy has the potential to impact on various aspects of our lives.


Through psychosexual therapy and counselling you will be given the opportunity to explore the ideas you have around sex, how that has been influenced by past experiences, build your awareness of your own sexuality and develop an understanding or resolve any sexual difficulties you may be experiencing.


I specialise in addressing and resolving


Arousal Difficulties

Reduced desire

Pain during intercourse (Dyspareunia in men and women)

Erectile Dysfunction

Difficulty achieving orgasms

Sexual Phobias

Sexual Compulsions

Communication issues

Relationship Breakdown

Differing sexual desire levels

Lack of intimacy



If you would like to explore issues not on the above list, please contact me to discuss whether we could work together or if I can suggest alternative therapists or organisations.


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